Monogram Etiquette

A “monogram” is usually a combination of 3 initials, however many monograms can also be 2 or even 4 initials. 

A traditional monogram is usually a three letter monogram with the last name initial larger in the center (FirstLastMiddle). Traditionally used for a women’s monogram, can also used for a man using a more masculine font and also for a couples monogram (Woman’s First Initial, Married Last Initial, Man’s First Initial).


A three letter monogram with all three initials the same size is typically a man’s monogram however many women use this style as well  When using this format, you would use First Initial, Middle Initial, Last Initial.


Two letter monograms are usually First Initial and Last Initial.  Can also be used for couple monogram (first initial for both their names).


Single Initial.  Can be either First Name Initial or Last Name Initial.


Four letter monograms would be First Initial, Last Initial, Last Initial, Middle Initial (with two Last Initials larger in the center OR First Initial, Middle Initial, Last Initial, Last Initial  

The above guidelines are suggestions based on our years of monogramming. 

Monograms show your style!  More and more we see creative and “out of the norm” monogram styles.  Do what makes you happy! There is no “right” or “wrong”. Your item should represent what you love!